Hosted Call Center

With Simplified's Hosted Call Center Solution - Businesses get the tools they need to elevate the customer experience at an affordable monthly price.

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Hosted Call Center
Simplify And Enhance Your Call Center's Performance

Simplified Networks Hosted Call Center can take your business to the next level.


Hosted Call Center Features

Simplified's Hosted Call Center offers a comprehensive feature set. A few key features include:

3-Way Conferencing

Selects two calls from the call console and connects them with a single click.

Agent Status Display

Auto Attendant

Automatic Call Distribution

Call Console

Call Monitoring

Call Promotion

Call Queue

Call Recording

Call Reporting

Call Routing Options

Coaching Tools

Conference Bridge

CRM Integration

Incoming Call Details

Instant Escalation

Interactive Voice Response

Night/Weekend Service

Remote Agent Support

Voicemail to Email

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